Polymer Chemistry

Of the extensive area of the polymer chemistry CHEMAK Ltd. deals exclusively with water-soluble polymers and thickening agents.

Our focus is the physical and chemical properties of these polymers and their solutions in water.

We direct our attention especially on the

  • Rheology of Polymer Solutions in Water (e.g. Thixotropy, Viscoelasticity),
  • Mechanochemistry of water-soluble Polymers (e.g. Shear Stability),
  • Temperature Stability & Salt Tolerance (dependent on different Ion Concentrations),
  • Product Quality (debris-free) & Stability against Bacterial Decomposition, as well as
  • Biological Degradation or Disposal.

Besides our product recommendations CHEMAK Ltd. will indicate to you the supplier, various quality criteria and laboratory test methods adapted to your location and application ( i.e. food industry, cosmetics & pharmaceutical products, lubricants, drilling muds, polymer flooding)