Environmental Technology

Consultancy in the area of environmental technology has clearly increased lasting recent years, particularly due to stricter and more detailed legislation.

CHEMAK Ltd. is engaged in the preservation of natural resources of air, water and soils; here in particular with specific industrial plants and installations, processes as well as equipment for measuring and process control for a pollution-free biosphere and safeguarding the natural environment. 
The qualitative investigation, quantitative determination and analytic evaluation of the load of pollutants in air, water and soils are a main focus of our activities.
Besides the know-how of the appropriate treatment and safe disposal of ground -, seeping – and process waters, CHEMAK Ltd. has unique knowledge of the ultra-deep waters and brines of Central Europe.

CHEMAK Ltd. can offer expertise and assistance for the prevention and removal of soil contamination by means of different current techniques and procedures.

The special position of CHEMAK Ltd. in the area of environmental technology is characterized by intensive consultation especially in the areas of oil / natural gas and construction as well as for the safe disposal and storage of radioactive materials.

In addition, CHEMAK Ltd. recommends and analyses suitable technologies for waste control and waste disposal as well as for recycling of waste and residual materials (i.e. recycling of used tyres, disposal of hazardous waste) for various industrial branches or for new investments.