CHEMAK Ltd. is the consultancy specialist in all aspects of construction and covers the complete spectrum of construction chemistry. Sources of all relevant raw materials including some thousands of up-to-date and approved product recipes/formulations are available to our customers.

All binding agents (cements, lime, gypsum etc.), aggregates (gravel, sand, expanded clays, slag and ashes) and the complete range of cement/concrete admixtures (plasticizers, set accelerators, set retarders, activators etc.) are covered by the expertise of CHEMAK Ltd..

Mortars and concretes are considered by us not only as universal construction systems under standard conditions, but CHEMAK Ltd. likewise gives consultation for the application under extraordinary conditions: We deliver know-how for cementation programmes under Permafrost, high temperatures, extreme high pressures or in rock salt.

The application of mineral binders with their appropriate procedures and technologies are another major part of our consultation activities. The water protection of constructions (i.e. waterproofing systems/sealants) and the investigation of construction defects/deficiencies with our recommendations for repairs/renovation, back construction or demolition are part of our consultancy.

Besides the area of the inorganic construction products, CHEMAK‘s experts can assist you further on organic construction products based on liquid synthetic resin systems (i.e. Epoxy resins, PU, Acrylic resins etc.) as well as solid plastic products for construction.