Oilfield Chemistry (Oil & Natural Gas)

CHEMAK Ltd. is the European consultancy specialist in oilfield chemistry. The geochemistry of reservoirs as well as the chemistry of the specific reservoir contents belong to the field of our consultation. 

This would be – among other things – the chemistry of the

  • Mineral Components of Oil or Gas Reservoirs ( i.e. Sandstones, Clays etc.),
  • Reservoir Brines with their different Ion Concentrations & dissolved Gases,
  • Natural Gas & Condensates as well as Gas Hydrates, and
  • Light & heavy Oils as well as Oil Sands.

CHEMAK Ltd. also offers consultancy in all questions during the development of reservoirs, i.e. the chemistry and technology of

  • Drilling Muds,
  • Borehole Treatments,
  • Material Selection for Drill Pipes and Casings,
  • Cementing,
  • Reservoir Treatments (Acidizing, Fracing, Sand Stabilizing etc.).

Due to limited oil / gas resources and continuous optimisation of the yield of reservoirs, the procedures of secondary and tertiary oil recovery are of increased importance. In this case CHEMAK Ltd. can offer you assistance in decision making with the choice of the suitable process and its economic efficiency.
Everything that goes with oilfield chemistry, including water treatment, cleaning and drying of gas, emulsion splitting etc., are covered by us.